A podcast created by the Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute at Miami University

February 12, 2016


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The 2015-2016 academic year was designated "the year of creativity and innovation" at Miami University by its now former president David Hodge. The Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute was given a full year project of taking this theme of creativity and innovation and creating a podcast around it.

As a member of the institute, I was tasked with creating the website for the project. My partner primarily worked on the front end of the site, creating the HTML and CSS to format the everything to fit the design created by another team on the project. My role was to work with the back end, creating a framework to host and display podcasts along with meta data associated with each.

Over the course of only 2 months (March-April 2016) the site had over 5,000 hits from over 40 different states across the country. Much of this was due to an extensive social media campaign by various social media teams reaching out to audiences on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

The site is branched off of an open source project called Podcast Generator. The project was expanded upon immensely, adding new features such as a transcript, a "tag line", and a search feature. The open source project was used to create a minimum viable product as rapidly as possible.